Sharps and Flats: The Secrets of Cheating
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In the interest of offering comprehensive information about gambling, cheating with cards and dice and various other gambling scams, we have published the first online version of the classic gambling book, Sharps and Flats. This site map will help you navigate through this site. Every page of this site can be accessed through this site map.


SHARPS and FLATS: The Secrets of the Cardsharps


Introduction -- about us and this project and about gambling issues on the internet

  • about the author -- a short biography of John Nevil Maskelyne
  • about us -- an introduction of CARDSHARK Online and our project(s) on the internet


content -- the main section of this site, where you can read the original text of the book, with annotations, in a digital format


links -- links to gambling related resources on the internet

  • link to us -- instructions how to link to our site


advertising -- learn how you can advertise on this site; advertising rates


contact -- our contact information; please contact us if you need to use any information on this site


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