Sharps and Flats: The Secrets of Cheating
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This page is the future listing of all the "extras" that have been added to the content of the book Sharps and Flats.

At the present time this page is virtually blank, but eventually we will add articles, images and videos that will expand the online version of the book beyond its original content, as it was first published in 1894.

Please check back at some future time.


Card Trimmer -- An original card trimmer, by George Mason & Co.

Corner Rounder -- An original playing card corner rounder, by George Mason & Co.

Cheating Gamblers in Art -- A short list of paintings that depict gamblers in the act of cheating.

Faro Cue Keeper -- An original faro cue keeper, from Will & Finck.

Marked Cards: Juice Work -- An article that explains all relevant details about one of the most sophisticated types of marked playing cards, called juice decks.


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