Sharps and Flats: The Secrets of Cheating
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Juice Work


Juice work is a gambling jargon for one of the most sophisticated types of marked cards. Although the cards are marked so that the cheat can spot them from across the table, the marks only become visible when the cheat adjusts his sight, so that he throws his vision out of focus. These types of marked cards are commonly used to cheat at poker and blackjack.

Marked Card: juice work

The image above shows a simulation of what the work would look like, when the cheat throws his vision out of focus. In this case the mark is a line at the edge of the playing card. This particular type of work is called "line juice." The classic work, however, consists of dime-size dots on most of the cards, and thick lines running across the entire backs of a couple of cards (usually the deuces and treys).

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