Sharps and Flats: The Secrets of Cheating
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The Book

The book Sharps and Flats is in the public domain.

According to copyright laws, any authored materials are protected by copyright laws and remain in the author's domain until 50 years after the author's death. After the 50 years the materials automatically enter the pubic domain and may be reproduced by anyone wishing to use them, for any purposes whatsoever.

Anyone wishing to copy and distribute any parts of the book Sharps and Flats, by copying images and text from this site is free to do so without asking us for permissions. However, since we did spend a considerable amount if time digitizing the content of the book, we do appreciate that you credit our site as the source, if you do end up using any of these materials. If you use these materials for your own web site, we appreciate that you also include a link to our site, if you decide to credit us. And if you do decide to include a link to us, please use the guidelines described in the link to us page.

Also, if you do use any materials from the book, please don't forget to credit the original author, John Nevil Maskelyne.

Thank you...



The Site

Although the book Sharps and Flats is in the public domain, this site is not.

Any of the materials on this site that were authored by us and did not come from the book Sharps and Flats are protected by copyright laws. This includes all the annotations and extras that were never part of the original book.

If you have any desire to copy and distribute any materials from this site, that are not part of the original book content, please contact us first and let us know which materials you wish to use and where you intend to publish/distribute them.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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