Sharps and Flats: The Secrets of Cheating
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Online advertising is intended to help companies promote their products, services and web sites and to help them establish a presence on the internet. So, we offer advertising options at fair and competitive prices, but we also have to place some restrictions in place, so that the ads don't get out of hand.



Our standard advertising rates are listed on the advertising rates page. However, for clients that prepay for 6 month or more may be eligible for a discount. We can also offer some discounts for those who wish to place ads on several pages, at the same time. However, these discounts are discussed on individual basis.


Subscription Payments

Those advertisers that prefer to pay on a month-to-month basis will be asked to accept our subscription payment policy. It would be an administrative nightmare to try to track all subscriptions manually, so in the interest of keeping things simple, we sign up all month-to-month advertisers with an automated PayPal subscription. This way the subscription payment requests are sent to our clients automatically, every month, and all that the client needs to do is to accept the payment.


No Aggressive Clutter

The purpose of advertising is to promote and inform, not to clutter a page and make it hard to navigate through a web site. For this reason we can only accept a limited amount of ads. This should come as good news for anyone that is considering placing an ad on our site. If you advertise on this site you know your ad will be visible and not end up as part of a cluster of ads.


No Spam Policy

We welcome any kind of advertising, as long as the ads are not designed to spam search engines and our visitors. We cannot accept any ads that


No Illegal or Objectionable Materials

We do not accept any ads that promote violence, hatred, illegal activities or pornography. We cannot accept any ads that promote piracy and/or illegal downloads from the internet. We can accept advertising for gambling-related web sites, as long as those web sites do not violate any laws.


No Sneaky Links, Please...

Along the lines of our no-spam policy, we cannot accept advertisement requests that would require us to highlight keywords in our existing text and make those keywords link to an external site, without the visitor being aware that by clicking on that link, the browser would be redirected to another site. We do have some external links throughout our text, but those are not paid ads -- those are simply links to sites that we recommend and they are done in such way that our readers don't get surprised to end up on an external site, after they click on the link. So, all of our external links clearly appear as external links and all of the ads throughout our site appear as ads. Our site is designed specifically for readers and we have to treat those people with respect, so we cannot accept requests for sneaky links.



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